Why I Won’t Watch Toy Story 3 On A First Date

…or with just anyone, for that matter. My emotional reaction to this final episode of the Pixar franchise was unpredictable, alarmingly instantaneous and impossible to contain. What I mean by this is, I came very close to tears.

Publicity still, y'all

Surprised? I certainly was. I didn’t expect this to be anything but a visually impressive, light hearted escape into a world of shiny surfaces and adventures as cheery as crayola crayons. Imagine my horror when I had to fight for my composure or risk utter social disgrace amidst a group of preteens. It was humiliating. Yet, I’m under the impression that Pixar fully intended for this emotional reaction to creep up upon the unsuspecting among us and strike very close to the heart. Here’s why:

While as the plot is as novel and kid-friendly as you’d expect, it is one that is undoubtedly familiar and relatable to everyone, particularly those who have just recently left for college.  It’s all about letting go of your childhood. Andy, Woody’s owner, is just about to leave for college and has to sort out which of his toys gets given away, stored in the attic or brought with him to college. Because Andy is now too old to play with them, they are convinced that they have lost their meaning to him and dread his final verdict. I guess it just struck me how toys are really like old friends. Without their constant companionship, we feel like we haven’t really experienced childhood. And then, we outgrow them and get on with life. But when we really have to leave them behind, like Andy does here, we suddenly realize, this is it. This is goodbye. It’s just such a symbolic part from our fantasies and dreams, our crazy notions that we could fly, become astronauts, conquer the world. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one…. right?

Of course, I could also go on for ages about how the Toy Story gang is just as charming as ever, their ingenious escape plans, the awesome new characters. But this is what stayed with me, I guess. I still feel all sentimental and mopey writing this, actually. So, I will never watch this on a first date or with anyone I don’t know too well. They might mistake me for the maudlin type. And then take me to see the newest Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation the next time round. Ugh.

Also, watch for these two characters! Barbie is the perfect smart dumb blonde and Ken is so on the wrong side of metrosexual…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenny Ketcham
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 17:29:39

    I know what you mean, even if I haven’t seen this one yet…maybe I won’t know, or at least leave off the mascara before I go. 🙂 Thanks for the warning! Nice piece.


  2. teknicolorchina
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 01:48:44

    Yeah, or buy waterproof. 😀 I assume it’s gonna affect a pretty large crowd. Case in point, every member of my family who saw it with me was a blubbering wreck by the time it was done with us!

    Thanks for the feedback!


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